Frequently asked Questions in English

What language is this anyway?

This is the constructed language Esperanto, created in 1887 by L. L. Zamenhof.

What is this website?

Eldonejo Verda Olivo is an Esperanto-language publishing company. We are different from other Espernato publishers, in that we focus on
easily understandable texts, which are suitable for beginners and intermediate speakers of the language. Verda Olivo stands for Green Olive.
Green is the color of hope and the color of the language Esperanto.

How can the books be bought?

They can only be bought over Amazon. Do not contact us for orders, as we do not print the books ourselves (Amazon does this for us). These books can be ordered just like any other book from Amazon.

I found a mistake in a book. What can I do?

The text has been edited and proofread multiple times, also with the help of various software tools. It is still possible that someone finds errors. Please send a mail to oficejo[ĉe] The errors will be removed and a new version will be made available. Thank you.

Who founded Verda Olivo?

Oliver Kim, in 2017. He also translated the first books.

Why did he start it?

Since Duolingo became available in Esperanto, many people are looking for possibilities to apply their language abilities. Even though many Esperanto books are published every year, they are often too difficult to understand for beginners. Or they are written for children and then the content might not be interesting enough for adults. We try to address this gap.

How are the translations?

They are not word-by-word translations. The goal was to capture the contents of the books and not the linguistic style of the original. The sentences are shorter than the original, making them easier to understand for beginning and intermediate Esperanto speakers.

Do you also sell books of modern authors?

No, becasue the originals have to be in public domain in order to translate them. Books from modern authors are not in public domain.

How can I contribute?

Spread the news about this website and respect the copyright of the translators. Do not spread the books.

I can see the book in Amazon, but I can not buy it. Why is this?

This is only temporary. Please check again one day later. The book has been briefly taken down from Amazon because it is being updated. After the new version has been uploaded, it is available again.